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Contribute to Netdata's open-source

The Netdata team welcomes contributions to its open-source tools and projects. Let's get you started on the right path.

First, read the contributing handbook for high-level information about how the Netdata team welcomes contributors and their work. Read our community code of conduct for information about how the Netdata team aims to create a welcoming environment free from harassment or discrimination.

Contribute to Netdata's open-source projects

We maintain an index of open-source projects that welcome contributions from anyone interested.

The standards from our handbook and code of conduct apply to all of Netdata's open-source repositories.

Contribute to documentation

We have a specific guide for contributing to Netdata's documentation.

You should also read our style guide for standards around spelling, grammar, and Markdown syntax.

Package maintainers

See our document on manually building Netdata from source for details about how you can build Netdata, including all of its dependencies and features, and package in for your distribution.

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