Windows machine monitoring with Netdata

This module will monitor one or more Windows machines, using the windows_exporter.

Module collects metrics from the following collectors:

  • cpu
  • memory
  • net
  • logical_disk
  • os
  • system
  • logon

Run windowns_exporter with these collectors:

windows_exporter-0.13.0-amd64.exe --collectors.enabled="cpu,memory,net,logical_disk,os,system,logon"

Installation: please follow the official guide.


  • windows_exporter version v0.13.0+



  • Total CPU Utilization (all cores) in percentage
  • Received and Serviced Deferred Procedure Calls (DPC) in dpc/c
  • Received and Serviced Hardware Interrupts in interrupts/s
  • CPU Utilization Per Core in percentage
  • Time Spent in Low-Power Idle State Per Core in percentage


  • Memory Utilization in KiB
  • Memory Page Faults in events/s
  • Swap Utilization in KiB
  • Swap Operations in operations/s
  • Swap Pages in pages/s
  • Cached Data in KiB
  • Cache Faults in events/s
  • System Memory Pool in KiB


  • Bandwidth Per NIC in kilobits/s
  • Packets Per NIC in packets/s
  • Errors Per NIC in errors/s
  • Discards Per NIC in discards/s


  • Utilization Per Disk in KiB
  • Bandwidth Per Disk in KiB/s
  • Operations Per Disk in operations/s
  • Average Read/Write Latency Disk in milliseconds


  • Processes in number
  • Threads in number
  • Uptime in seconds


  • Active User Logon Sessions By Type in sessions


Edit the go.d/wmi.conf configuration file using edit-config from the your agent's config directory, which is typically at /etc/netdata.

cd /etc/netdata # Replace this path with your Netdata config directory
sudo ./edit-config go.d/wmi.conf

Needs only url to windows_exporter metrics endpoint. Here is an example for 2 instances:

- name : win_server1
url :
- name : win_server2
url :

For all available options please see module configuration file.


Check the module debug output. Run the following command as netdata user:

./go.d.plugin -d -m wmi

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