Thank you for contributing to Netdata!

This agreement is part of the legal framework of the open-source ecosystem that adds some red tape, but protects both the contributor and the project.

To understand why this is needed, please read a well-written chapter from Karl Fogel’s Producing Open Source Software on CLAs.

By signing this agreement, you do not change your rights to use your own contributions for any other purpose.

copyright license

The Contributor (you) grants Netdata Inc. a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, no-charge, royalty-free, irrevocable copyright license to reproduce, prepare derivative works of, publicly display, publicly perform, sublicense, and distribute his contributions and such derivative works.

copyright transfer

The Contributor (you) hereby assigns Netdata Inc. copyright in his contributions, to be licensed under the same terms as the rest of the code.

Note: this means we may re-license Netdata (your contributions included) any way we see fit, without asking your permission. We intend to keep the Netdata agent forever FOSS. But open-source licenses have significant differences and in our attempt to help Netdata grow we may have to distribute it under a different license. For example, CNCF, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, requires Netdata to be licensed under Apache-2.0 for it to be accepted as a member of the Foundation. We want to be free to do it.

original work

The Contributor (you) represent that each of his contributions is his original creation and that he is legally entitled to grant the above license.

Note: if you are committing third party code, please make sure the third party license or any other restrictions are also included with your commits. Netdata includes many third party libraries and tools and this is not a problem, provided that the license of the third party code is compatible with the one we use for Netdata.


Since Sep 17th 2018, we use for signing the CLA, on all pull requests. Old contributors can sign the CLA at any time using this link.


(they have been imported to already)

The Contributor (you) signs this agreement by adding his personal data in this document and committing it to the project repo (the same way contributions are submitted to the project).

By signing once, all contributions (past and future) of The Contributor (you), are subject to this agreement.

Note: so you have to:

  1. add your github username and name in this file
  2. commit it to the repo with a PR, using the same github username, or include this change in your first PR.

Netdata contributors

This is the list of contributors that have signed this agreement:

usernamenameemail (optional)
@philwhinerayPhil Whineray
@FerroinAustin S.
@glenscElan Ruusamäe
@rlefevreRémi Lefèvre
@simonnaglSimon Nagl
@t-h-eStefan Forstenlechner
@383c57Shinichi Tagashira
@ccremerChristian Cremer
@Chocobo1Mike Tzou
@cosmixDimosthenis Kaponis
@domschlDominik Schlö
@tioumenGuillaume Hospital
@arch273Jacob Ayres
@x4FF3David Fuellgraf
@jasonwbarnettJason Barnett
@ecowedEd Wade
@wungadRob Man
@rda0Sven Mä
@amichelicAdalbert Michelic
@illesIlles S.
@plasticrakePatrick Seal
@jonfairbanksJon Fairbanks
@pohzipohziPoh Zi How
@gmosxGeorge Moschovitis
@skrzyp1Jerzy S.
@akwanAlan Kwan
@underhoodTimotej Šiškovič
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