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Version: 1.37.x

Send notifications to Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a cross-platform messaging app developed by Google. You can configure Netdata to send alarm notifications to a Hangouts room in order to stay aware of possible health or performance issues on your nodes. Here's an example of the notification in action:

Netdata on Hangouts

To receive notifications in Google Hangouts, you need the following in your Hangouts setup:

  1. One or more rooms.
  2. An incoming webhook for each room.

Follow Google's documentation to create an incoming webhook for each room you want to send Netdata notifications to.

Set the webhook URIs and room names in health_alarm_notify.conf. To edit it on your system, run /etc/netdata/edit-config health_alarm_notify.conf):

Threads (optional)

Instead to receive alarms on different threads, Netdata allows you to concentrate them inside an unique thread when you set the variable HANGOUTS_WEBHOOK_THREAD[NAME].

# hangouts (google hangouts chat) global notification options
# enable/disable sending hangouts notifications
# On Hangouts, in the room you choose, create an incoming webhook,
# copy the link and paste it below and also identify the room name.
# Without it, netdata cannot send hangouts notifications to that room.
# On Hangouts, copy a thread link and change the values for space and thread
# if a DEFAULT_RECIPIENT_HANGOUTS are not configured,
# notifications wouldn't be send to hangouts rooms.
# DEFAULT_RECIPIENT_HANGOUTS="systems development|critical"
DEFAULT_RECIPIENT_HANGOUTS="sysadmin devops alarms|critical"

You can define multiple rooms like this: sysadmin devops alarms|critical.

The keywords sysadmin, devops, and alarms are Hangouts rooms.

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