Hangouts Chat

This is what you will get: Netdata on Hangouts To receive notifications in Google Hangouts, you need the following in your Hangouts setup:

  1. One or more rooms
  2. An incoming webhook for each room

How to create an incoming webhook:

Set the webhook URIs and room names in health_alarm_notify.conf. To edit it on your system, run /etc/netdata/edit-config health_alarm_notify.conf):

# hangouts (google hangouts chat) global notification options
# enable/disable sending hangouts notifications
# On Hangouts, in the room you choose, create an incoming webhook,
# copy the link and paste it below and also identify the room name.
# Without it, netdata cannot send hangouts notifications to that room.
# if a DEFAULT_RECIPIENT_HANGOUTS are not configured,
# notifications wouldn't be send to hangouts rooms.
# DEFAULT_RECIPIENT_HANGOUTS="systems development|critical"
DEFAULT_RECIPIENT_HANGOUTS="sysadmin devops alarms|critical"

You can define multiple rooms like this: sysadmin devops alarms|critical.

The keywords sysadmin, devops and alarms are Hangouts rooms.

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