Cloud centralizes the real-time metrics and alarms from your distributed nodes so that your team can easily view the same information during an anomaly or outage. By congregating in shared War Rooms and working in parallel on the same issue, you can find the root cause and get to resolution faster.

Collaboration happens only when you invite your team and give them the resources they need—aside from thousands of real-time metrics from all your systems and applications—to sort out the root cause and deploy the right fix.

Invite your team

You can invite your team during onboarding or after you've finished creating your Spaces and War Rooms.

Invite new users by clicking on your Space's name in the top navigation and then Invite more users. Enter their email address and their name (which they can change once they've signed in), choose which War Rooms they should be added to, and click the plus icon (+). You can track these invitations under the New invitations to be sent heading.

When you're ready to send the new invitations you created, hit the Send button. Netdata Cloud sends these invitations as soon as it can and moves them to the Invitations awaiting response category.

Add bookmarks to essential resources

When an anomaly or outage strikes, your team needs to access other essential resources quickly. You can use Netdata Cloud's bookmarks to put these tools in one accessible place. Bookmarks are shared between all War Rooms in a Space, so any users in your Space will be able to see and use them.

Bookmarks can link to both internal and external resources. You can bookmark your app's status page for quick updates during an outage, a messaging system on your organization's intranet, or other tools your team uses to respond to changes in your infrastructure.

To add a new bookmark, click on the Add bookmark link. In the panel, name the bookmark, include its URL, and write a short description for your team's reference.

What's next?

At this point, you and your team should be well-situated on Cloud. You can move between Spaces and War Rooms, view key metrics from any number of nodes in your War Rooms, and check on the health status of your infrastructure.

If you still have questions about Cloud, visit our FAQ.

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