Netdata Cloud FAQ

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How is Cloud different from the Netdata Agent?#

The open source Agent monitors the system it's installed on, along with any applications we have a collector for. Cloud integrates many distributed Agents into one cloud-hosted web application that you can use to see an entire infrastructure's real-time metrics.

Do I have to use Netdata Cloud?#

No. You can configure your Agent to disable Cloud functionality either at installation or at runtime.

How much does Netdata cost? How and why is it free?#

The Netdata Agent will always remain free, open-source software. Netdata Cloud is closed source, with all basic features provided free of charge. Paid features are in Netdata Cloud's future, but there is no timeline for these features yet. Netdata does not and never will sell your personal data or data about your deployment.

Is Netdata Cloud open source?#

Netdata Cloud's frontend and backend code is all closed source.

Is there an on-premises version available?#

Not yet! Send us an email at [email protected] if you're interested. We'd love to learn more about your requirements and use case.

How do I see all the nodes in a parent-child streaming setup?#

If you want to see both the parent node and its child nodes in Netdata Cloud, you must claim all of them via the claiming process.

Is there a dark mode in Netdata Cloud?#

Yes. If it's not enabled by default on your system, you can now enable the new Dark or Blue themes. Click on the Settings tab, then choose your preferred theme.

Can I create custom dashboards?#

This is now possible! Use the dashboards feature to build new dashboards tailored specifically to your infrastructure.

My Agent cannot connect to Netdata Cloud. How do I fix that?#

The Agent-Cloud Link (ACLK) establishes an outbound connection from your node to on port 443. If you believe this is not a firewall issue, consult the troubleshooting guide.

How do I add a node to an existing Space?#

Click on the Claim Nodes item beneath your Space's name in the left-hand navigation.

The Spaces management

Copy the claiming script to your node and run it. See the claiming doc for details.

How do I rename a node?#

A node's name cannot be changed from within Netdata Cloud.

To change the name that appears in Netdata Cloud, you can either change the node's hostname, or you can edit that node's netdata.conf file and change the hostname setting.

Once finished, restart the node with sudo systemctl netdata restart, or the appropriate method for your system, to see the changed name reflected in Netdata Cloud.

How do I remove a node from a War Room?#

Click on the name of the War Room in the top navigation, then List Nodes. Click on the ๐Ÿ—‘ icon next to the node you want to remove. Removing a node from a War Room does not remove it from your Space.

How do I move a node to another War Room?#

A node can belong to multiple War Rooms.

First, switch to the War Room you want to move the node to. Click on the name of the War Room in the top navigation, then Add Nodes. Click the checkbox next to the node in question, then click + Add at the top of the panel.

Next, switch back to the War Room original War Room and remove the node.

See the War Room reference for additional details.

How do I reclaim a node?#

Follow the reclaiming guide. Don't forget to restart your Agent with sudo service netdata restart or the appropriate equivalent for your system!

How do I move a node to another Space?#

You can only claim any given node in a single Space. To claim a node in a different Space, you will have to reclaim the node.

How do I rename a Space?#

You can add a description to a Space, but a Space's name is a unique identifier that cannot be modified.

How do I delete a Space?#

In the left-hand navigation, click the Manage Space link. Click the Delete button and confirm you want to delete your Space.

How do I rename a War Room?#

You cannot rename a War Room at this time.

How do I delete a War Room?#

The General War Room cannot be deleted. For other rooms, click the name of the War Room from the top navigation, then Manage War Room. In the management panel, click the Delete button. Confirm that you want to delete your War Room.

How do I change my email?#

It is not possible to change the email address associated with your Netdata Cloud account.

You can always create a new account with a different email and reclaim nodes into the new Space.

If you want to maintain your Space, send an invitation to the email address you want to use, and make that user an administrator for your Space. Accept the invitation on your new email and sign in. Confirm that you have full administrative access to the Space and associated War Rooms. Finally, you can sign in with your initial email and leave the Space.

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