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Agent Dashboards

Because Netdata is a health monitoring and performance troubleshooting system, we put a lot of emphasis on real-time, meaningful, and context-aware charts.

We bundle Netdata with a dashboard and hundreds of charts, designed by both our team and the community, but you can also customize them yourself.

There are two primary ways to view Netdata's dashboards on the agent:

  1. The local Agent dashboard that comes pre-configured with every Netdata installation. You can see it at http://NODE:19999, replacing NODE with localhost, the hostname of your node, or its IP address. You can customize the contents and colors of the standard dashboard using JavaScript.

  2. The dashboard.js JavaScript library, which helps you customize the standard dashboards using JavaScript, or create entirely new custom dashboards or Atlassian Confluence dashboards.

You can also view all the data Netdata collects through the REST API v1.


Netdata uses the dashboards.js file to define, configure, create, and update all the charts and other visualizations that appear on any Netdata dashboard. You need to put dashboard.js on any HTML page that's going to render Netdata charts.

The custom dashboards documentation contains examples of such custom HTML pages.

Generating dashboard.js

We build the dashboards.js file by concatenating all the source files located in the web/gui/src/dashboard.js/ directory. That's done using the provided build script:

cd web/gui

If you make any changes to the src directory when developing Netdata, you should regenerate the dashboard.js file before you commit to the Netdata repository.

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