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Asterisk collector

Monitors Asterisk dialplan application's statistics.



Netdata ships with asterisk.conf with preconfigured charts.

To receive Asterisk metrics in Netdata, uncomment the following lines in the /etc/asterisk/statsd.conf file:

enabled = yes ; When set to yes, statsd support is enabled
server = ; server[:port] of statsd server to use.
; If not specified, the port is 8125
prefix = asterisk ; Prefix to prepend to all metrics

See statsd.conf.sample for all available options.

Charts and metrics

Click to see screenshots of the charts.

image image

Mapping Asterisk StatsD metrics and Netdata charts.

Active Channelsasterisk.channels.count
Active Endpointsasterisk.endpoints.count
Active Endpoints by Statusasterisk.endpoints.state.*
Active SIP channels by endpointasterisk.endpoints.SIP.*.channels
Active PJSIP channels by endpointasterisk.endpoints.PJSIP.*.channels
Distribution of Dial Statusesasterisk.dialstatus.*
Asterisk Channels Call Durationasterisk.channels.calltime
Distribution of Hangup Causesasterisk.hangupcause.*
Distribution of Hangup Causes for ANSWERed callsasterisk.dialhangupcause.ANSWER.*
Distribution of Hangup Causes for BUSY callsasterisk.dialhangupcause.BUSY.*
Distribution of Hangup Causes for CANCELled callsasterisk.dialhangupcause.CANCEL.*
Distribution of Hangup Causes for CHANUNVAILed callsasterisk.dialhangupcause.CHANUNAVAIL.*
Distribution of Hangup Causes for CONGESTIONed callsasterisk.dialhangupcause.CONGESTION.*
Asterisk Dialplan Eventsasterisk.stasis.message.astchannel*_type
Asterisk PJSIP Peers Qualifyasterisk.PJSIP.contacts.*.rtt

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