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Below, you'll find links to solution- and action-based docs for Netdata's many features and capabilities. Think of it as the table of contents to becoming an experting in using Netdata to monitor and troubleshoot systems and infrastructure.

Netdata is a monitoring, visualization, and troubleshooting solution for systems, containers, and applications. The free and open-source monitoring Agent works in collaboration with Netdata Cloud to deliver both single-node and infrastructure monitoring on a single pane of glass.

Collect everything, visualize metrics, troubleshoot complex performance problems, and make Netdata's per-second metrics work with your existing monitoring stack, entirely for free.

Get Netdata

Sign up for Netdata Cloud and install the open-source Agent on your nodes. Claim and connect your nodes to Netdata Cloud for seamless, scalable, and granular infrastructure monitoring.

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Discover Netdata


Learn about Netdata's core features, how it's different, and how it integrates with your existing monitoring stack.


Get a 5-minute introduction into how you'll visualize metrics and troubleshoot issues using Netdata's tools based on the type of infrastructure you want to monitor.


Set up Netdata Cloud based the topology of your infrastructure and collaborate with your team. Learn how to configure individual nodes via their Agents.


Learn what per-second metrics Netdata can collect using its 300+ built-in collectors, full compatibility with Prometheus endpoints, and zero configuration.


Follow our guides on interacting with Netdata's visualizations and creating new dashboards so you can quickly drill down on anomalies and discover their root cause.


Leverage Netdata's health watchdog and hundreds of pre-configured alarms to receive notifications on your favorite platforms whenever an anomaly affects the health or performance of your infrastructure.


Netdata's distributed data architecture simplifies how you store metrics and dramatically reduces the cost compared to centralizing per-second metrics in one place. Configure your nodes to store the metrics you need.


Send Netdata's metrics to other time-series databases to extend and improve your monitoring stack with per-second metrics. Archive or correlate metrics using other platforms.

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