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Netdata Docs

Welcome! You’ve arrived at Netdata's documentation.

Netdata is a monitoring, visualization, and troubleshooting solution for systems, containers, services, and applications. Below, find links to solution- and action-based docs for Netdata's many features and capabilities. Think of it as the table of contents to becoming an expert in monitoring and troubleshooting.

Learn about Netdata's features#


Learn about Netdata's core features, how it's different, and how it integrates with your existing monitoring stack.


Learn how to set up the Netdata Agent on one or more nodes to maximize the immediate value you get from monitoring your systems, containers, and applications.


Follow how-tos on interacting with Netdata's dashboard and charts so you can quickly drill down on anomalies and discover their root cause.

Data collection

Learn what per-second metrics Netdata can collect using its 300+ built-in collectors, full compatibility with Prometheus endpoints, and zero configuration.

Alarms and notifications

Leverage Netdata's health watchdog and hundreds of pre-configured alarms to receive notifications on your favorite platforms whenever an anomaly affects the health or performance of your infrastructure.

Metrics storage and management

Netdata's distributed data architecture simplifies metrics storage and gives you the flexibility to stream or export metrics to create any long-term storage solution.

Contribute to Netdata#

To learn more about contributing to an open-source Netdata project, see our contribute doc.

Reach out

If you need help after reading this doc, feel free to create an issue in the netdata/netdata repo or join our community forum to search for an answer. There's a good chance someone else has already found a solution to the same issue.



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