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ISC Bind monitoring with Netdata

Collects Name server summary performance statistics using rndc tool.


  • Version of bind must be 9.6 +
  • Netdata must have permissions to run rndc stats

It produces:

  1. Name server statistics

    • requests
    • responses
    • success
    • auth_answer
    • nonauth_answer
    • nxrrset
    • failure
    • nxdomain
    • recursion
    • duplicate
    • rejections
  2. Incoming queries

    • A
    • NS
    • CNAME
    • SOA
    • PTR
    • MX
    • TXT
    • X25
    • AAAA
    • SRV
    • NAPTR
    • A6
    • DS
    • RSIG
    • DNSKEY
    • SPF
    • ANY
    • DLV
  3. Outgoing queries

  • Same as Incoming queries


Edit the python.d/bind_rndc.conf configuration file using edit-config from the Netdata config directory, which is typically at /etc/netdata.

cd /etc/netdata # Replace this path with your Netdata config directory, if different
sudo ./edit-config python.d/bind_rndc.conf


named_stats_path : '/var/log/bind/named.stats'

If no configuration is given, module will attempt to read named.stats file at /var/log/bind/named.stats

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