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This is what you will get:

IRCCloud web client:\ image

Irssi terminal client: image

You need:

  1. The nc utility. If you do not set the path, Netdata will search for it in your system $PATH.

Set the path for nc in /etc/netdata/health_alarm_notify.conf (to edit it on your system run /etc/netdata/edit-config health_alarm_notify.conf), like this:

# external commands
# The full path of the nc command.
# If empty, the system $PATH will be searched for it.
# If not found, irc notifications will be silently disabled.
  1. Αn IRC_NETWORK to which your preferred channels belong to.
  2. One or more channels ( DEFAULT_RECIPIENT_IRC ) to post the messages to.
  3. An IRC_NICKNAME and an IRC_REALNAME to identify in IRC.

Set them in /etc/netdata/health_alarm_notify.conf (to edit it on your system run /etc/netdata/edit-config health_alarm_notify.conf), like this:

# irc notification options
# irc notifications require only the nc utility to be installed.
# multiple recipients can be given like this:
# "<irc_channel_1> <irc_channel_2> ..."
# enable/disable sending irc notifications
# if a role's recipients are not configured, a notification will not be sent.
# (empty = do not send a notification for unconfigured roles):
# The irc network to which the recipients belong. It must be the full network.
# The irc nickname which is required to send the notification. It must not be
# an already registered name as the connection's MODE is defined as a 'guest'.
# The irc realname which is required in order to make the connection and is an
# extra identifier.

You can define multiple channels like this: #system-alarms #networking-alarms.\ You can also filter the notifications like this: #system-alarms|critical.\ You can give different channels per role using these (at the same file):

role_recipients_irc[sysadmin]="#user-alarms #networking-alarms #system-alarms"

The keywords #user-alarms, #networking-alarms, #system-alarms, #databases-alarms are irc channels which belong to the specified IRC network.

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