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Amazon SNS

From the Cloud interface, you can manage your space's notification settings and from these you can add a specific configuration to get notifications delivered on AWS SNS.



To add AWS SNS notification you need:

  • A Netdata Cloud account
  • Access to the space as an Admin
  • The Space needs to be on a paid plan
  • Have an AWS account with AWS SNS access, for more details check how to configure this on AWS SNS


  1. Click on the Space settings cog (located above your profile icon)
  2. Click on the Notification tab
  3. Click on the + Add configuration button (near the top-right corner of your screen)
  4. On the AwsSns card click on + Add
  5. A modal will be presented to you to enter the required details to enable the configuration:
  • Notification settings are Netdata specific settings
    • Configuration name - you can optionally provide a name for your configuration you can easily refer to it
    • Rooms - by specifying a list of Rooms you are select to which nodes or areas of your infrastructure you want to be notified using this configuration
    • Notification - you specify which notifications you want to be notified using this configuration: All Alerts and unreachable, All Alerts, Critical only
  • Integration configuration are the specific notification integration required settings, which vary by notification method. For AWS SNS:

Settings on AWS SNS

To enable the webhook integration on AWS SNS you need:

  1. Setting up access for Amazon SNS
  2. Create a topic
    • On AWS SNS management console click on Create topic
    • On the Details section, the standard type and provide the topic name
    • On the Access policy section, change the Publishers option to Only the specified AWS accounts and provide the Netdata AWS account (123269920060) that will be used to publish notifications to the topic being created
    • Finally, click on Create topic on the bottom of the page
  3. Now, use the new Topic ARN while adding AWS SNS integration on your space.

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