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From the Cloud interface, you can manage your space's notification settings and from these you can add a specific configuration to get notifications delivered on Telegram.



To add Telegram notification you need:

  • A Netdata Cloud account
  • Access to the space as an Admin
  • The Space needs to be on a paid plan
  • The Telegram bot token and chat ID


  1. Click on the Space settings cog (located above your profile icon)
  2. Click on the Notification tab
  3. Click on the + Add configuration button (near the top-right corner of your screen)
  4. On the Telegram card click on + Add
  5. A modal will be presented to you to enter the required details to enable the configuration:
  • Notification settings are Netdata specific settings
    • Configuration name - you can optionally provide a name for your configuration you can easily refer to it
    • Rooms - by specifying a list of Rooms you are select to which nodes or areas of your infrastructure you want to be notified using this configuration
    • Notification - you specify which notifications you want to be notified using this configuration: All Alerts and unreachable, All Alerts, Critical only
  • Integration configuration are the specific notification integration required settings, which vary by notification method. For Telegram:
    • Bot Token - the token of your bot
    • Chat ID - the chat id where your bot will deliver messages to

Getting the Telegram bot token and chat ID

  • Bot token: To create one bot, contact the @BotFather bot and send the command /newbot and follow the instructions. Start a conversation with your bot or invite it into the group where you want it to send notifications.
  • To get the chat ID you have two options:
    • Contact the @myidbot bot and send the /getid command to get your personal chat ID, or invite it into a group and use the /getgroupid command to get the group chat ID.
    • Alternatively, you can get the chat ID directly from the bot API. Send your bot a command in the chat you want to use, then check{YourBotToken}/getUpdates, eg.

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