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Opsgenie agent alert notifications

Opsgenie is an alerting and incident response tool. It is designed to group and filter alarms, build custom routing rules for on-call teams, and correlate deployments and commits to incidents.

The first step is to create a Netdata integration in the Opsgenie dashboard. After this, you need to edit health_alarm_notify.conf on your system, by running the following from your config directory:

./edit-config health_alarm_notify.conf

Change the variable OPSGENIE_API_KEY with the API key you got from Opsgenie. OPSGENIE_API_URL defaults to, however there are region-specific API URLs such as, so set this if required.


# Api key
# Default Opsgenie API

Changes to health_alarm_notify.conf do not require a Netdata restart. You can test your Opsgenie notifications configuration by issuing the commands, replacing ROLE with your preferred role:

# become user netdata
sudo su -s /bin/bash netdata

# send a test alarm
/usr/libexec/netdata/plugins.d/ test ROLE

If everything works, you'll see alarms in your Opsgenie platform:

Example alarm notifications in

If sending the test notifications fails, you can look in /var/log/netdata/error.log to find the relevant error message:

2020-09-03 23:07:00: ERROR: failed to send opsgenie notification for: hades test.chart.test_alarm is CRITICAL, with HTTP error code 401.

You can find more details about the Opsgenie error codes in their response docs.

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