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Prowl agent alert notifications

Prowl is a push notification service for iOS devices. Netdata supports delivering notifications to iOS devices through Prowl.

Because of how Netdata integrates with Prowl, there is a hard limit of at most 1000 notifications per hour (starting from the first notification sent). Any alerts beyond the first thousand in an hour will be dropped.

Warning messages will be sent with the 'High' priority, critical messages will be sent with the 'Emergency' priority, and all other messages will be sent with the normal priority. Opening the notification's associated URL will take you to the Netdata dashboard of the system that issued the alert, directly to the chart that it triggered on.


To use this, you will need a Prowl API key, which can be requested through the Prowl website after registering.

Once you have an API key, simply specify that as a recipient for Prowl notifications.

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