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Rocket.Chat agent alert notifications

This is what you will get: Netdata on RocketChat You need:

  1. The incoming webhook URL as given by RocketChat. You can use the same on all your Netdata servers (or you can have multiple if you like - your decision).
  2. One or more channels to post the messages to.

Get them here:

Set them in /etc/netdata/health_alarm_notify.conf (to edit it on your system run /etc/netdata/edit-config health_alarm_notify.conf), like this:

# rocketchat ( global notification options

# multiple recipients can be given like this:

# enable/disable sending rocketchat notifications

# Login to and create an incoming webhook. You need only one for all
# your Netdata servers (or you can have one for each of your Netdata).
# Without it, Netdata cannot send rocketchat notifications.

# if a role's recipients are not configured, a notification will be send to
# this rocketchat channel (empty = do not send a notification for unconfigured
# roles).

You can define multiple channels like this: alarms systems. You can give different channels per role using these (at the same file):

role_recipients_rocketchat[dba]="databases systems"
role_recipients_rocketchat[webmaster]="marketing development"

The keywords systems, databases, marketing, development are RocketChat channels (they should already exist). Both public and private channels can be used, even if they differ from the channel configured in your RocketChat incoming webhook.

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