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Manage notification methods

From the Cloud interface, you can manage your space's notification settings as well as allow users to personalize their notifications setting

Manage space notification settings


To manage space notification settings, you will need the following:

  • A Netdata Cloud account
  • Access to the space as an administrator

Available actions per notification methods based on service level

ActionPersonal service levelSystem service level
Enable / DisableXX
Add multiple configurations for same methodX


  • For Netadata provided ones you can't delete the existing notification method configuration.
  • Enable, Edit and Add actions over specific notification methods will only be allowed if your plan has access to those (service classification)


  1. Click on the Space settings cog (located above your profile icon)
  2. Click on the Notification tab
  3. You will be presented with a table of the configured notification methods for the space. You will be able to:
    1. Add a new notification method configuration.
      • Choose the service from the list of the available ones, you'll may see a list of unavailable options if your plan doesn't allow some of them (you will see on the card the plan level that allows a specific service)
      • You can optionally provide a name for the configuration so you can easily refer to what it
      • Define filtering criteria. To which Rooms will this apply? What notifications I want to receive? (All Alerts and unreachable, All Alerts, Critical only)
      • Depending on the service different inputs will be present, please note that there are mandatory and optional inputs
        • If you doubts on how to configure the service you can find a link at the top of the modal that takes you to the specific documentation page to help you
    2. Edit an existing notification method configuration. Personal level ones can't be edited here, see Manage user notification settings. You will be able to change:
      • The name provided for it
      • Filtering criteria
      • Service specific inputs
    3. Enable/Disable a given notification method configuration.
      • Use the toggle to enable or disable the notification method configuration
    4. Delete an existing notification method configuartion. Netdata provided ones can't be deleted, e.g. Email
      • Use the trash icon to delete your configuration

Manage user notification settings


To manage user specific notification settings, you will need the following:

  • A Cloud account
  • Have access to, at least, a space

Note: If an administrator has disabled a Personal service level notification method this will override any user specific setting.


  1. Click on the User notification settings shortcut on top of the help button
  2. You are presented with:
    • The Personal service level notification methods you can manage
    • The list spaces and rooms inside those where you have access to
    • If you're an administrator, Manager or Troubleshooter you'll also see the Rooms from a space you don't have access to on All Rooms tab and you can activate notifications for them by joining the room
  3. On this modal you will be able to:
    1. Enable/Disable the notification method for you, this applies accross all spaces and rooms
      • Use the the toggle enable or disable the notification method
    2. Define what notifications you want to per space/room: All Alerts and unreachable, All Alerts, Critical only or No notifications
    3. Activate notifications for a room you aren't a member of
      • From the All Rooms tab click on the Join button for the room(s) you want

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