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ntfy agent alert notifications

Learn how to send alerts to an ntfy server using Netdata's Agent alert notification feature, which supports dozens of endpoints, user roles, and more.


This file assumes you have read the Introduction to Agent alert notifications, detailing how the Netdata Agent's alert notification method works.

ntfy (pronounce: notify) is a simple HTTP-based pub-sub notification service. It allows you to send notifications to your phone or desktop via scripts from any computer, entirely without signup, cost or setup. It's also open source if you want to run your own server.

This is what you will get:

Example alarm notifications in Ntfy


You will need:

Configure Netdata to send alert notifications to ntfy


This file mentions editing configuration files.

  • To edit configuration files in a safe way, we provide the edit config script located in your Netdata config directory (typically is /etc/netdata) that creates the proper file and opens it in an editor automatically.
    Note that to run the script you need to be inside your Netdata config directory.

It is recommended to use this way for configuring Netdata.

Edit health_alarm_notify.conf, changes to this file do not require restarting Netdata:

  1. Set SEND_NTFY to YES

  2. Set DEFAULT_RECIPIENT_NTFY to the URL formed by the server-topic combination you want the alert notifications to be sent to. Unless you are hosting your own server, the server should always be set to

    You can define multiple recipient URLs like this: https://SERVER1/TOPIC1 https://SERVER2/TOPIC2
    All roles will default to this variable if left unconfigured.


All topics published on are public, so anyone can subscribe to them and follow your notifications. To avoid that, ensure the topic is unique enough using a long, randomly generated ID, like in the following examples.

An example of a working configuration with two topics as recipients, using the server would be:


You can then have different servers and/or topics per role, by editing DEFAULT_RECIPIENT_NTFY with the server-topic combination you want, in the following entries at the bottom of the same file:


Test the notification method

To test this alert refer to the "Testing Alert Notifications" section of the Agent alert notifications page.

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