Netdata Cloud reference docs

This is the reference documentation for the Netdata Cloud web application.

If you want to get started with Netdata Cloud, click the button below or read our Get Netdata guide.

See our core docs for comprehensive docs and guides for using Netdata for monitoring, visualization, and troubleshooting. Read What is Netdata? for details about how Netdata works and how it's different from other monitoring solutions.

🆕 You can now monitor Kubernetes clusters, nodes, pods, containers, and services with Netdata Cloud. Use a health map for quick access to per-second container metrics, or composite charts that let you parse every layer of your Kubernetes deployment.

Get Netdata

Sign up for Netdata Cloud and install the open-source Agent on one or more nodes. If you have an infrastructure to monitor, connect all your distributed nodes to Cloud for seamless infrastructure-wide monitoring.

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Health monitoring#

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