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Netdata Cloud gives you real-time visibility for your entire infrastructure. With Netdata Cloud, you can view key metrics, insightful charts, and active alarms from all your nodes in a single web interface. When an anomaly strikes, seamlessly navigate to any node to troubleshoot and discover the root cause with the familiar Netdata dashboard.

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Netdata Cloud is free! You can add an entire infrastructure of nodes, invite all your colleagues, and visualize any number of metrics, charts, and alarms entirely for free.

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While Netdata Cloud offers a centralized method of monitoring your Agents, your metrics data is not stored or centralized in any way. Metrics data remains with your nodes and is only streamed to your browser through Cloud.

In addition, Cloud only expands on the functionality of the wildly popular free and open source Agent. We will never make any of our open source Agent features cloud-exclusive, and we will actively continue to develop the Agent so that we can integrate new features with Netdata Cloud.

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