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Okta SSO

Integrate your organization's Okta account with Netdata to better manage your team's access controls to Netdata Cloud.



  • An Okta account
  • A Netdata Cloud account
  • Access to the Space as an Admin
  • Space needs to be on a paid plan

Setting up Okta

Steps needed to be done on Okta Admin Portal:

  1. Click on Applications tab and choose to Browse App Catalogue
  2. Find Netdata's preconfigured app for easy setup and click Add Integration
  3. Give the app, that will be in your apps dashboard, the preferred Application label and click Next to move to the Sign-On options tab
  4. In the Sign-On Options all the values we expect are already filled and no additional data is required
  5. Click Done. You are able to go back and edit any fields later if need be
  6. Go to the Assignments tab and enter the People or Group assignments as per your organization’s policies

Netdata Configuration Steps

  1. Click on the Space settings cog (located above your profile icon)
  2. Click on the Authentication tab
  3. On the Okta SSO card, click on Configure
  4. Fill in the required credentials, you get them from Okta Admin Portal:
    • Issuer URL you can get it from your profile icon on top, e.g.
    • Client ID you can get it from General tab on application you configured on Okta
    • Client Secret you can get it from General tab on application you configured on Okta

Supported features

  • SP-initiated SSO (Single Sign-On)
  • IdP-initiated SSO

SP-initiated SSO

If you start your authentication flow from Netdata sign-in page please check these steps.

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