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Netdata Cloud Versions

Netdata Cloud is provided in two versions:

  • SaaS, we run and maintain Netdata Cloud and users use it to complement their observability with the additional features it provides.

  • On Prem, we provide a licensed copy of the Netdata Cloud software, that users can install and run at their premises.

The pricing of both versions is similar, with the On-Prem version introducing a monthly fixed-fee for the extra support and packaging required when users are running Netdata Cloud by themselves.

For more information check our Pricing page.

SaaS Version

Sign-up to Netdata Cloud and start connecting your Netdata agents. The commands provided once you have signed up, include all the information to install and automatically connect (claim) Netdata agents to your Netdata Cloud space.

On-Prem Version

To deploy Netdata Cloud On-premises, take a look at the related section on our Documentation.

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