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cups.plugin collects Common Unix Printing System (CUPS) metrics.


This plugin needs a running local CUPS daemon (cupsd). This plugin does not need any configuration. Supports cups since version 1.7.


cups.plugin provides one common section destinations and one section per destination.

Destinations in CUPS represent individual printers or classes (collections or pools) of printers (

The section server provides these charts:

  1. destinations by state

    • idle
    • printing
    • stopped
  2. destinations by options

    • total
    • accepting jobs
    • shared
  3. total job number by status

    • pending
    • processing
    • held
  4. total job size by status

    • pending
    • processing
    • held

For each destination the plugin provides these charts:

  1. job number by status

    • pending
    • held
    • processing
  2. job size by status

    • pending
    • held
    • processing

At the moment only job status pending, processing, and held are reported because we do not have a method to collect stopped, canceled, aborted and completed jobs which scales.

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