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FreeRADIUS monitoring with Netdata

Uses the radclient command to provide freeradius statistics. It is not recommended to run it every second.

It produces:

  1. Authentication counters:

    • access-accepts
    • access-rejects
    • auth-dropped-requests
    • auth-duplicate-requests
    • auth-invalid-requests
    • auth-malformed-requests
    • auth-unknown-types
  2. Accounting counters: [optional]

    • accounting-requests
    • accounting-responses
    • acct-dropped-requests
    • acct-duplicate-requests
    • acct-invalid-requests
    • acct-malformed-requests
    • acct-unknown-types
  3. Proxy authentication counters: [optional]

    • proxy-access-accepts
    • proxy-access-rejects
    • proxy-auth-dropped-requests
    • proxy-auth-duplicate-requests
    • proxy-auth-invalid-requests
    • proxy-auth-malformed-requests
    • proxy-auth-unknown-types
  4. Proxy accounting counters: [optional]

    • proxy-accounting-requests
    • proxy-accounting-responses
    • proxy-acct-dropped-requests
    • proxy-acct-duplicate-requests
    • proxy-acct-invalid-requests
    • proxy-acct-malformed-requests
    • proxy-acct-unknown-typesa


Edit the python.d/freeradius.conf configuration file using edit-config from the Netdata config directory, which is typically at /etc/netdata.

cd /etc/netdata # Replace this path with your Netdata config directory, if different
sudo ./edit-config python.d/freeradius.conf


host : 'localhost'
port : '18121'
secret : 'adminsecret'
acct : False # Freeradius accounting statistics.
proxy_auth : False # Freeradius proxy authentication statistics.
proxy_acct : False # Freeradius proxy accounting statistics.

Freeradius server configuration:

The configuration for the status server is automatically created in the sites-available directory. By default, server is enabled and can be queried from every client. FreeRADIUS will only respond to status-server messages, if the status-server virtual server has been enabled.

To do this, create a link from the sites-enabled directory to the status file in the sites-available directory:

  • cd sites-enabled
  • ln -s ../sites-available/status status

and restart/reload your FREERADIUS server.

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