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Version: 1.37.x

Monit monitoring with Netdata

Monit monitoring module. Data is grabbed from stats XML interface (exists for a long time, but not mentioned in official documentation). Mostly this plugin shows statuses of monit targets, i.e. statuses of specified checks.

  1. Filesystems

    • Filesystems
    • Directories
    • Files
    • Pipes
  2. Applications

    • Processes (+threads/childs)
    • Programs
  3. Network

    • Hosts (+latency)
    • Network interfaces


Edit the python.d/monit.conf configuration file using edit-config from the Netdata config directory, which is typically at /etc/netdata.

cd /etc/netdata   # Replace this path with your Netdata config directory, if different
sudo ./edit-config python.d/monit.conf


name : 'local'
url : 'http://localhost:2812'
user: : admin
pass: : monit

If no configuration is given, module will attempt to connect to monit as http://localhost:2812.

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