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OpenLDAP monitoring with Netdata

Provides statistics information from openldap (slapd) server. Statistics are taken from LDAP monitoring interface. Manual page, slapd-monitor(5) is available.


Module gives information with following charts:

  1. connections

    • total connections number
  2. Bytes

    • sent
  3. operations

    • completed
    • initiated
  4. referrals

    • sent
  5. entries

    • sent
  6. ldap operations

    • bind
    • search
    • unbind
    • add
    • delete
    • modify
    • compare
  7. waiters

    • read
    • write


Edit the python.d/openldap.conf configuration file using edit-config from the Netdata config directory, which is typically at /etc/netdata.

cd /etc/netdata   # Replace this path with your Netdata config directory, if different
sudo ./edit-config python.d/openldap.conf


name : 'local'
username : "cn=monitor,dc=superb,dc=eu"
password : "testpass"
server : 'localhost'
port : 389

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