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Reinstall the Netdata Agent

In certain situations, such as needing to enable a feature or troubleshoot an issue, you may need to reinstall the Netdata Agent on your node.

One-line installer script (

Run the one-line installer script with the --reinstall parameter to reinstall the Netdata Agent. This will preserve any user configuration in netdata.conf or other files.

If you used any optional parameters during initial installation, you need to pass them to the script again during reinstallation. If you cannot remember which options you used, read the contents of the .environment file and look for a REINSTALL_OPTIONS line. This line contains a list of optional parameters.

wget -O /tmp/ && sh /tmp/ --reinstall


If you still experience problems with your Netdata Agent installation after following one of these processes, the next best route is to uninstall and then try a fresh installation using the one-line installer.

You can also post to our community forums or create a new bug report.

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