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Why Netdata

Any performance monitoring solution that does not go down to per second collection and visualization of the data, is useless. It will make you happy to have it, but it will not help you more than that.

Netdata is built around 4 principles:

  1. Per second data collection for all metrics.

    It is impossible to monitor a 2 second SLA, with 10 second metrics.

  2. Collect and visualize all the metrics from all possible sources.

    To troubleshoot slowdowns, we need all the available metrics. The console should not provide more metrics.

  3. Meaningful presentation, optimized for visual anomaly detection.

    Metrics are a lot more than name-value pairs over time. The monitoring tool should know all the metrics. Users should not!

  4. Immediate results, just install and use.

    Most of our infrastructure is standardized. There is no point to configure everything metric by metric.

Unlike other monitoring solutions that focus on metrics visualization, Netdata's helps us troubleshoot slowdowns without touching the console.

So, everything is a bit different.

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