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Monitor Netfilter statistics (nfacct.plugin)

nfacct.plugin collects Netfilter statistics.


If you are using our official native DEB/RPM packages, install the netdata-plugin-nfacct package using your system package manager.

If you built Netdata locally:

  1. install libmnl-dev and libnetfilter-acct-dev using the package manager of your system.

  2. re-install Netdata from source. The installer will detect that the required libraries are now available and will also build netdata.plugin.

Keep in mind that NFACCT requires root access, so the plugin is setuid to root.


The plugin provides Netfilter connection tracker statistics and nfacct packet and bandwidth accounting:

Connection tracker:

  1. Connections.
  2. Changes.
  3. Expectations.
  4. Errors.
  5. Searches.

Netfilter accounting:

  1. Packets.
  2. Bandwidth.


If you need to disable NFACCT for Netdata, edit /etc/netdata/netdata.conf and set:

nfacct = no


You can run the plugin by hand:

sudo /usr/libexec/netdata/plugins.d/nfacct.plugin 1 debug

You will get verbose output on what the plugin does.

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