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Alert troubleshooting with Netdata Assistant

The Netdata Assistant is a feature that uses large language models and the Netdata community's collective knowledge to guide you during troubleshooting. It is designed to make understanding and root causing alerts simpler and faster.

Using Netdata Assistant

  • Navigate to the alerts tab

  • If there are active alerts, the Actions column will have an Assistant button

  • Clicking on the Assistant button opens up as a floating window with customized information and troubleshooting tips for this alert (note that the window can follow you through your troubleshooting journey on Netdata dashboards)

  • In case you need more information, or want to understand deeper, Netdata Assistant also provides useful web links to resources that can help.

  • If there are no active alerts, you can still use Netdata Assistant by clicking the Assistant button on the Alert Configuration view.

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