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System Uptime

Plugin: proc.plugin Module: /proc/uptime


The amount of time the system has been up (running).

Uptime is a critical aspect of overall system performance:

  • Availability: Uptime monitoring can show whether a server is consistently available or experiences frequent downtimes.
  • Performance Monitoring: While server uptime alone doesn't provide detailed performance data, analyzing the duration and frequency of downtimes can help identify patterns or trends.
  • Proactive problem detection: If server uptime monitoring reveals unexpected downtimes or a decreasing uptime trend, it can serve as an early warning sign of potential problems.
  • Root cause analysis: When investigating server downtime, the uptime metric alone may not provide enough information to pinpoint the exact cause.
  • Load balancing: Uptime data can indirectly indicate load balancing issues if certain servers have significantly lower uptimes than others.
  • Optimize maintenance efforts: Servers with consistently low uptimes or frequent downtimes may require more attention.
  • Compliance requirements: Server uptime data can be used to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements or SLAs that mandate a minimum level of server availability.

This collector is only supported on the following platforms:

  • linux

This collector only supports collecting metrics from a single instance of this integration.

Default Behavior


This integration doesn't support auto-detection.


The default configuration for this integration does not impose any limits on data collection.

Performance Impact

The default configuration for this integration is not expected to impose a significant performance impact on the system.


Metrics grouped by scope.

The scope defines the instance that the metric belongs to. An instance is uniquely identified by a set of labels.

Per System Uptime instance

This scope has no labels.




There are no alerts configured by default for this integration.



No action required.



There is no configuration file.


There are no configuration options.


There are no configuration examples.

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