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Netdata Cloud On-Prem

Netdata Cloud is built as microservices and is orchestrated by a Kubernetes cluster, providing a highly available and auto-scaled observability platform.

The overall architecture looks like this:


The following components are required to run Netdata Cloud On-Prem:

  • Kubernetes cluster version 1.23+
  • Kubernetes metrics server (for autoscaling)
  • TLS certificate for secure connections. A single endpoint is required but there is an option to split the frontend, api, and MQTT endpoints. The certificate must be trusted by all entities connecting to it.
  • Default storage class configured and working (persistent volumes based on SSDs are preferred)

The following 3rd party components are used, which can be pulled with the netdata-cloud-dependency package we provide:

  • Ingress controller supporting HTTPS
  • PostgreSQL version 13.7 (main database for all metadata Netdata Cloud maintains)
  • EMQX version 5.11 (MQTT Broker that allows Agents to send messages to the On-Prem Cloud)
  • Apache Pulsar version 2.10+ (message broken for inter-container communication)
  • Traefik version 2.7.x (internal API Gateway)
  • Elasticsearch version 8.8.x (stores the feed of events)
  • Redis version 6.2 (caching)
  • imagePullSecret (our ECR repos are secured)

Keep in mind though that the pulled versions are not configured properly for production use. Customers of Netdata Cloud On-Prem are expected to configure these applications according to their needs and policies for production use. Netdata Cloud On-Prem can be configured to use all these applications as a shared resource from other existing production installations.

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