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Export metrics to OpenTSDB

You can use the OpenTSDB connector for the exporting engine to archive your agent's metrics to OpenTSDB databases for long-term storage, further analysis, or correlation with data from other sources.


To enable data exporting to an OpenTSDB database, run ./edit-config exporting.conf in the Netdata configuration directory and set the following options:

enabled = yes
destination = localhost:4242

Add :http or :https modifiers to the connector type if you need to use other than a plaintext protocol. For example: opentsdb:http:my_opentsdb_instance, opentsdb:https:my_opentsdb_instance. You can set basic HTTP authentication credentials using

username = my_username
password = my_password

The OpenTSDB connector is further configurable using additional settings. See the exporting reference doc for details.

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