Export metrics to OpenTSDB with HTTP

Netdata can easily communicate with OpenTSDB using HTTP API. To enable this channel, run ./edit-config exporting.conf in the Netdata configuration directory and set the following options:

enabled = yes
destination = localhost:4242

In this example, OpenTSDB is running with its default port, which is 4242. If you run OpenTSDB on a different port, change the destination = localhost:4242 line accordingly.


As of v1.16.0, Netdata can send metrics to OpenTSDB using TLS/SSL. Unfortunately, OpenTDSB does not support encrypted connections, so you will have to configure a reverse proxy to enable HTTPS communication between Netdata and OpenTSBD. You can set up a reverse proxy with Nginx.

After your proxy is configured, make the following changes to exporting.conf:

enabled = yes
destination = localhost:8082

In this example, we used the port 8082 for our reverse proxy. If your reverse proxy listens on a different port, change the destination = localhost:8082 line accordingly.

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