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Network statistics

Plugin: proc.plugin Module: /proc/net/netstat


This integration provides metrics from the netstat, snmp and snmp6 modules.

This collector is supported on all platforms.

This collector supports collecting metrics from multiple instances of this integration, including remote instances.

Default Behavior


This integration doesn't support auto-detection.


The default configuration for this integration does not impose any limits on data collection.

Performance Impact

The default configuration for this integration is not expected to impose a significant performance impact on the system.


Metrics grouped by scope.

The scope defines the instance that the metric belongs to. An instance is uniquely identified by a set of labels.

Per Network statistics instance

This scope has no labels.


system.ipreceived, sentkilobits/s
ip.tcpconnabortsbaddata, userclosed, nomemory, timeout, linger, failedconnections/s
ip.tcpreorderstimestamp, sack, fack, renopackets/s
ip.tcpofoinqueue, dropped, merged, prunedpackets/s
ip.tcpsyncookiesreceived, sent, failedpackets/s
ip.tcp_syn_queuedrops, cookiespackets/s
ip.tcp_accept_queueoverflows, dropspackets/s
ip.tcpsockconnectionsactive connections
ip.tcppacketsreceived, sentpackets/s
ip.tcperrorsInErrs, InCsumErrors, RetransSegspackets/s
ip.tcpopensactive, passiveconnections/s
ip.tcphandshakeEstabResets, OutRsts, AttemptFails, SynRetransevents/s
ipv4.packetsreceived, sent, forwarded, deliveredpackets/s
ipv4.errorsInDiscards, OutDiscards, InNoRoutes, OutNoRoutes, InHdrErrors, InAddrErrors, InTruncatedPkts, InCsumErrorspackets/s
ipv4.bcastreceived, sentkilobits/s
ipv4.bcastpktsreceived, sentpackets/s
ipv4.mcastreceived, sentkilobits/s
ipv4.mcastpktsreceived, sentpackets/s
ipv4.icmpreceived, sentpackets/s
ipv4.icmpmsgInEchoReps, OutEchoReps, InDestUnreachs, OutDestUnreachs, InRedirects, OutRedirects, InEchos, OutEchos, InRouterAdvert, OutRouterAdvert, InRouterSelect, OutRouterSelect, InTimeExcds, OutTimeExcds, InParmProbs, OutParmProbs, InTimestamps, OutTimestamps, InTimestampReps, OutTimestampRepspackets/s
ipv4.icmp_errorsInErrors, OutErrors, InCsumErrorspackets/s
ipv4.udppacketsreceived, sentpackets/s
ipv4.udperrorsRcvbufErrors, SndbufErrors, InErrors, NoPorts, InCsumErrors, IgnoredMultievents/s
ipv4.udplitereceived, sentpackets/s
ipv4.udplite_errorsRcvbufErrors, SndbufErrors, InErrors, NoPorts, InCsumErrors, IgnoredMultipackets/s
ipv4.ecnpktsCEP, NoECTP, ECTP0, ECTP1packets/s
ipv4.fragsinok, failed, allpackets/s
ipv4.fragsoutok, failed, createdpackets/s
system.ipv6received, sentkilobits/s
ipv6.packetsreceived, sent, forwarded, deliverspackets/s
ipv6.errorsInDiscards, OutDiscards, InHdrErrors, InAddrErrors, InUnknownProtos, InTooBigErrors, InTruncatedPkts, InNoRoutes, OutNoRoutespackets/s
ipv6.bcastreceived, sentkilobits/s
ipv6.mcastreceived, sentkilobits/s
ipv6.mcastpktsreceived, sentpackets/s
ipv6.udppacketsreceived, sentpackets/s
ipv6.udperrorsRcvbufErrors, SndbufErrors, InErrors, NoPorts, InCsumErrors, IgnoredMultievents/s
ipv6.udplitepacketsreceived, sentpackets/s
ipv6.udpliteerrorsRcvbufErrors, SndbufErrors, InErrors, NoPorts, InCsumErrorsevents/s
ipv6.icmpreceived, sentmessages/s
ipv6.icmpredirreceived, sentredirects/s
ipv6.icmperrorsInErrors, OutErrors, InCsumErrors, InDestUnreachs, InPktTooBigs, InTimeExcds, InParmProblems, OutDestUnreachs, OutPktTooBigs, OutTimeExcds, OutParmProblemserrors/s
ipv6.icmpechosInEchos, OutEchos, InEchoReplies, OutEchoRepliesmessages/s
ipv6.groupmembInQueries, OutQueries, InResponses, OutResponses, InReductions, OutReductionsmessages/s
ipv6.icmprouterInSolicits, OutSolicits, InAdvertisements, OutAdvertisementsmessages/s
ipv6.icmpneighborInSolicits, OutSolicits, InAdvertisements, OutAdvertisementsmessages/s
ipv6.icmpmldv2received, sentreports/s
ipv6.icmptypesInType1, InType128, InType129, InType136, OutType1, OutType128, OutType129, OutType133, OutType135, OutType143messages/s
ipv6.ectInNoECTPkts, InECT1Pkts, InECT0Pkts, InCEPktspackets/s
ipv6.fragsinok, failed, timeout, allpackets/s
ipv6.fragsoutok, failed, allpackets/s


The following alerts are available:

Alert nameOn metricDescription
1m_tcp_syn_queue_drops ip.tcp_syn_queueaverage number of SYN requests was dropped due to the full TCP SYN queue over the last minute (SYN cookies were not enabled)
1m_tcp_syn_queue_cookies ip.tcp_syn_queueaverage number of sent SYN cookies due to the full TCP SYN queue over the last minute
1m_tcp_accept_queue_overflows ip.tcp_accept_queueaverage number of overflows in the TCP accept queue over the last minute
1m_tcp_accept_queue_drops ip.tcp_accept_queueaverage number of dropped packets in the TCP accept queue over the last minute
tcp_connections ip.tcpsockTCP connections utilization
1m_ip_tcp_resets_sent ip.tcphandshakeaverage number of sent TCP RESETS over the last minute
10s_ip_tcp_resets_sent ip.tcphandshakeaverage number of sent TCP RESETS over the last 10 seconds. This can indicate a port scan, or that a service running on this host has crashed. Netdata will not send a clear notification for this alarm.
1m_ip_tcp_resets_received ip.tcphandshakeaverage number of received TCP RESETS over the last minute
10s_ip_tcp_resets_received ip.tcphandshakeaverage number of received TCP RESETS over the last 10 seconds. This can be an indication that a service this host needs has crashed. Netdata will not send a clear notification for this alarm.
1m_ipv4_udp_receive_buffer_errors ipv4.udperrorsaverage number of UDP receive buffer errors over the last minute
1m_ipv4_udp_send_buffer_errors ipv4.udperrorsaverage number of UDP send buffer errors over the last minute



No action required.



There is no configuration file.


There are no configuration options.


There are no configuration examples.

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