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Kubernetes tab

The Netdata dashboards feature enhanced visualizations for the resource utilization of Kubernetes (k8s) clusters, embedded in the default Metrics tab dashboard.

These visualizations include a health map for viewing the status of k8s pods/containers, in addition to Netdata charts for viewing per-second CPU, memory, disk, and networking metrics from k8s nodes.

See our Kubernetes deployment instructions for details on deploying Netdata on your Kubernetes cluster.

Available Kubernetes metrics

Netdata Cloud organizes and visualizes the following metrics from your Kubernetes cluster from every container:

k8s.cgroup.cpu_limitCPU utilization as a percentage of the limit defined by the pod specification spec.containers[].resources.limits.cpu or a LimitRange object.
k8s.cgroup.cpuCPU utilization of the pod/container. 100% usage equals 1 fully-utilized core, 200% equals 2 fully-utilized cores, and so on.
k8s.cgroup.throttledThe percentage of runnable periods when tasks in a cgroup have been throttled.
k8s.cgroup.throttled_durationThe total time duration for which tasks in a cgroup have been throttled.
k8s.cgroup.mem_utilizationMemory utilization within the configured or system-wide (if not set) limits.
k8s.cgroup.mem_usage_limitMemory utilization, without cache, as a percentage of the limit defined by the pod specification spec.containers[].resources.limits.memory or a LimitRange object.
k8s.cgroup.mem_usageUsed memory, without cache.
k8s.cgroup.memThe sum of cache and rss (resident set size) memory usage.
k8s.cgroup.writebackThe size of dirty and writeback cache.
k8s.cgroup.pgfaultsSum of page fault bandwidth, which are raised when the Kubernetes cluster tries accessing a memory page that is mapped into the virtual address space, but not actually loaded into main memory.
k8s.cgroup.throttle_ioSum of read and write per second across all PVs/PVCs attached to the container.
k8s.cgroup.throttle_serviced_opsSum of the read and write operations per second across all PVs/PVCs attached to the container.
k8s.cgroup.net_netSum of received and sent bandwidth per second.
k8s.cgroup.net_packetsSum of multicast, received, and sent packets.

When viewing the overview of this dashboard, Netdata presents the above metrics per container, or aggregated based on their associated pods.

Kubernetes Containers overview

At the top of the Kubernetes containers section there is a map, that with a given context colorizes the containers in terms of their utilization.

The filtering of this map is controlled by using the NIDL framework from the definition bar of the chart.

Detailed information

Hover over any of the pods/containers in the map to display a modal window, which contains contextual information and real-time metrics from that resource.

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