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Top tab

The Top tab allows you to run Netdata Functions on a node where a Netdata Agent is running. These routines are exposed by a given collector. They can be used to retrieve additional information to help you troubleshoot or to trigger some action to happen on the node itself.


You can also execute a Function from the Nodes tab, by pressing the f(x) button.


If you get an error saying that your node can't execute Functions please check the prerequisites.

The main view of this tab provides you with (depending on the Function) two elements: a visualization on the top and a table on the bottom.

Visualizations vary depending on the Function and most allow for user customization.

On the top right-hand corner you can:

  • Refresh the results (Given that the dashboard is on Paused mode)
  • Set the update interval of the results.

Functions bar

The bar on the right-hand side allows you to select which Function to run, on which node, and then depending on the Function, there might be more fine-grained filtering available.

For example the Block-devices Function allows you to filter per Device, Type, ID, Model and Serial number or the Block devices on your node.

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