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Export metrics to MongoDB

You can use the MongoDB connector for the exporting engine to archive your agent's metrics to a MongoDB database for long-term storage, further analysis, or correlation with data from other sources.


To use MongoDB as an external storage for long-term archiving, you should first install libmongoc 1.7.0 or higher. Next, re-install Netdata from the source, which detects that the required library is now available.


To enable data exporting to a MongoDB database, run ./edit-config exporting.conf in the Netdata configuration directory and set the following options:

enabled = yes
destination = mongodb://<hostname>
database = your_database_name
collection = your_collection_name

You can find more information about the destination string URI format in the MongoDB documentation

The default socket timeout depends on the exporting connector update interval. The timeout is 500 ms shorter than the interval (but not less than 1000 ms). You can alter the timeout using the sockettimeoutms MongoDB URI option.

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