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Netdata Plans

This page will guide you through the differences between the Community, Pro, Business and Enterprise plans.

At Netdata, we believe in providing free and unrestricted access to high-quality monitoring solutions, and our commitment to this principle will not change. We offer our free SaaS offering - what we call Community plan - and Open Source Agent, which features unlimited nodes and users, unlimited metrics, and retention, providing real-time, high-fidelity, out-of-the-box infrastructure monitoring for packaged applications, containers, and operating systems.

We also provide paid subscriptions that designed to provide additional features and capabilities for businesses that need tighter and customizable integration of the free monitoring solution to their processes. These are divided into three different plans: Pro, Business, and Enterprise. Each plan will offers a different set of features and capabilities to meet the needs of businesses of different sizes and with different monitoring requirements.


To not disrupt the existing space user's access rights we will keep them in the Early Bird plan. The reason for this is to allow users to keep using the legacy Member role with the exact same permissions as it has currently.

If you move from the Early Bird plan to a paid plan, you will not be able to return to the Early Bird plan again. The Community free plan will always be available to you, but it does not allow you to invite or change users using the Member role. See more details on our roles and plans documentation.


The plan is an attribute that is directly attached to your space(s) and that dictates what capabilities and customizations you have on your space. If you have different spaces you can have different Netdata plans on them. This gives you flexibility to chose what is more adequate for your needs on each of your spaces.

Netdata Cloud plans, with the exception of Community, work as subscriptions and overall consist of two pricing components:

  • A flat fee component, that is applied on yearly subscriptions for the comitted-nodes charte (space subscription fee has been waived off)
  • An on-demand metered component, that is related to your usage of Netdata which directly links to the number of nodes you have running

Netdata provides two billing frequency options:

  • Monthly - Pay as you go, where we charge both the flat fee and the on-demand component every month
  • Yearly - Annual prepayment, where we charge upfront the flat fee and committed amount related to your estimated usage of Netdata (more details here)

For more details on the plans and subscription conditions please check

Running nodes and billing

The only dynamic variable we consider for billing is the number of concurrently running nodes or agents. We only charge you for your active running nodes, so we don't count:

  • offline nodes
  • stale nodes, nodes that are available to query through a Netdata parent agent but are not actively connecting metrics at the moment

To ensure we don't overcharge you due to sporadic spikes throughout a month or even at a certain point in a day we are:

  • Calculate a daily P90 figure for your running nodes. To achieve that, we take a daily snapshot of your running nodes, and using the node state change events (live, offline) we guarantee that a daily P90 figure is calculated to remove any daily spikes
  • On top of the above, we do a running P90 calculation from the start to the end of your billing cycle. Even if you have an yearly billing frequency we keep a monthly subscription linked to that to identify any potential overage over your committed nodes.

Committed nodes

When you subscribe to an Yearly plan you will need to specify the number of nodes that you will commit to. On these nodes, a discounted price of less 25% than the original cost per node of the plan is applied. This amount will be part of your annual prepayment.

Node plan discounted price x committed nodes x 12 months

If, for a given month, your usage is over these committed nodes we will charge the original cost per node for the nodes above the committed number.

Plan changes and credit balance

It is ok to change your mind. We allow to change your plan, billing frequency or adjust the committed nodes, on yearly plans, at any time.

To achieve this you can check the Update plan section.

⚠️ On a downgrade (going to a new plan with less benefits) or cancellation of an active subscription, please note that you will have all your notification methods configurations active for a period of 24 hours. After that, any notification methods unavailable in your new plan at that time will be automatically disabled. You can always re-enable them once you move to a paid plan that includes them.

⚠️ Downgrade or cancellation may affect users in your Space. Please check what roles are available on the each plans. Users with unavailable roles on the new plan will immediately have restricted access to the Space.

⚠️ Any credit given to you will be available to use on future paid subscriptions with us. It will be available until the end of the following year.

Areas impacted by plans

Role-Based Access model

Depending on the plan associated to your space you will have different roles available:

RoleCommunityProBusinessEarly Bird

Users with this role can control Spaces, War Rooms, Nodes, Users and Billing.

They can also access any War Room in the Space.


Users with this role can manage War Rooms and Users.

They can access any War Room in the Space.


Users with this role can use Netdata to troubleshoot, not manage entities.

They can access any War Room in the Space.


Users with this role can only view data in specific War Rooms.

💡 Ideal for restricting your customer's access to their own dedicated rooms.


Users with this role can handle billing options and invoices.

Member ⚠️ Legacy role

Users with this role can create War Rooms and invite other Members.

They can only see the War Rooms they belong to and all Nodes in the All Nodes room.


For more details check the documentation under Role-Based Access model.

Events feed

The plan you have subscribed on your space will determine the amount of historical data you will be able to query:

Type of eventsCommunityProBusiness
Auditing events - COMING SOON

Events related to actions done on your Space, e.g. invite user, change user role or create room.

4 hours7 days90 days
Topology events

Node state transition events, e.g. live or offline.

4 hours7 days14 days
Alert events

Alert state transition events, can be seen as an alert history log.

4 hours7 days90 days

For more details check the documentation under Events feed.

Notification integrations

The plan on your space will determine what type of notifications methods will be available to you:

  • Community - Email and Discord
  • Pro - Email, Discord and webhook
  • Business - Unlimited, this includes Slack, PagerDuty, Opsgenie etc.

For more details check the documentation under Alert Notifications.

Alert notification silencing rules

The plan on your space will determine if you are able to add alert notification silencing rules since this feature will only be available for paid plans: Pro or Business.

For more details check the documentation under Alert Notifications.

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