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This query is available as countif.

CountIf returns the percentage of points in the database that satisfy the condition supplied.

The following conditions are available:

  • ! or != or <>, different than
  • = or :, equal to
  • >, greater than
  • <, less than
  • >=, greater or equal to
  • <=, less or equal to

The target number and the desired condition can be set using the group_options query parameter, as a string, like in these examples:

  • !0, to match any number except zero.
  • >=-3 to match any number bigger or equal to -3.

. When an invalid condition is given, the web server can deliver a not accurate response.

how to use

This query cannot be used in alerts.

countif changes the units of charts. The result of the calculation is always from zero to 1, expressing the percentage of database points that matched the condition.

In APIs and badges can be used like this: &group=countif&group_options=>10 in the URL.

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