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How is Cloud different from the Netdata Agent?

The open source Agent monitors the system it's installed on, along with any applications we have a collector for. Cloud integrates many distributed Agents into one cloud-hosted web application that you can use to see an entire infrastructure's real-time metrics.

Do I have to use Netdata Cloud?

No. You can configure your Agent to disable Cloud functionality either at installation or at runtime.

Is Netdata Cloud open source?

Netdata Cloud's frontend and backend code is all closed source.

Is there an on-premises version available?

Not yet! Send us an email at info@netdata.cloud if you're interested. We'd love to learn more about your requirements and use case.

How do I see all the nodes in a master/slave streaming setup?

If you want to see both the master node and its slave nodes in Netdata Cloud, you must claim all of them via the claiming process.

Can I create custom dashboards?

Not yet, but we're working on it.

My agent cannot connect to the cloud, how do I fix that?

The Agent-Cloud Link (ACLK) establishes an outbound connection from your node to app.netdata.cloud on port 443. If you believe this is not a firewall issue, consult the troubleshooting guide.

How do I rename a node?

A node's name cannot be changed from within Netdata Cloud. You must reclaim it with a different hostname. The hostname can be changed either by changing the machine's hostname or by editing a setting in netdata.conf.

How do I delete a node?

You can delete a node from your War Room by selecting Manage War Room in your War Room options.

Manage War Room

Then you can select the node to remove from the War Room.

Delete Node from War Room

It is also possible to remove and reclaim a node.

How do I re-claim a node?

Follow the reclaiming guide. Don't forget to restart your Agent with sudo service netdata restart or the appropriate equivalent for your system!

How do I move a node to another Space?

You can only claim any given node in a single Space. To claim a node in a different Space, you will have to reclaim the node.

How do I move a node to another War Room?

A node can belong to multiple War Rooms. To move the node, you would have to remove it from any war room you don't want it in and add it to any War Rooms you want.

How do I rename a Space?

You can add a description to a Space, but a Space's name is a unique identifier that cannot be modified.

How do I rename a War Room?

You cannot rename a War Room at this time.

How do I delete a space?

Select Manage Space.

Manage Space

Select Delete.

Delete Space

How do I delete a war room?

The General War Room cannot be deleted. For other rooms, select Manage War Room.

Manage War Room

Select Delete Room.

Delete War Room

Glossary of Cloud terms

Netdata Cloud (Cloud)The web application hosted at https://app.netdata.cloud that helps you monitor an entire infrastructure of distributed systems in real-time.
Netdata Agent (Agent)The free and open source monitoring agent that you can install on all of your distributed systems, whether they're physical, virtual, containerized, ephemeral, and more. The Agent monitors systems running Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, macOS, FreeBSD, and more, and collects metrics from hundreds of popular services and applications.
nodeUsed to refer to a system on which an Agent is installed. The system can be physical, virtual, in a Docker container, and more. Depending on your infrastructure, you may have one, dozens, or hundreds of nodes. Some nodes are ephemeral, in that they're created/destroyed automatically by a orchestrator service.
SpaceThe highest level container within Netdata Cloud for a user to organize their team members and nodes within their infrastructure. A Space likely represents an entire organization or a very large team.
War RoomA smaller grouping of nodes where users can view key metrics in real-time and monitor the health of many nodes with their alarm status. War Rooms can be used to organize nodes in any way that makes sense for your infrastructure, such as by a service, purpose, physical location, and more.
claimed nodeA node that you've proved ownership of by completing the claiming process. The claimed node will then appear in your Space and any War Rooms you added it to.
visited nodeA node which has had its Agent dashboard directly visited by a user. A list of these is maintained on a per-user basis.
offline nodeA claimed node with a disrupted Agent-Cloud link. Offline could mean the node no longer exists or is experiencing network connectivity issues with Cloud.
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